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Understand your balance of stress, recovery and activity

Leaders are continually placed under high demand.

In order to lead others it is important to effectively look after yourself and ensure you are able to perform to the highest standards on a consistent basis.

It is difficult to know if you are in the place of peak performance on a consistent basis. FIRSTBEAT provides a way of understanding your balance of stress, activity and recovery so that you are operating at your highest potential and in a way that is sustainable.

The assessment is done over a 3 day period and the device is easy to wear.

The accuracy of the device means it is able to pick up heart rate variability (not just your heart rate measure) which is a key indicator of whether your nervous system is in sympathetic mode (fight or flight) or parasympathetic mode (recovering or relaxing).

Through matching this with an online diary of key events you can understand whether you are at a place of peak performance and what are the key drivers that affect it.

We are a certified provider of FIRSTBEAT enabling me to effectively coach you around changes you could make on the back of the information provided in the assessment.

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