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Fitness for a business leader

What fitness means is individual to us all. Defined as ‘the quality of being able or suitable for a particular role or task’. Fitness is both mental and physical with the two having a signifcant impact on each other. 

Physical fitness for a business leader

Physical fitness means you have enough physical energy at the times when you need it both at work and at home. It is being able to walk, run, push, pull & lift when you want to. 

Mental fitness for a business leader

Mental fitness means having enough mental energy and capability at the times when you need it both at work and at home. 

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Fitting Leadership improves the performance of business leaders through…

  • Looking at you as an individual leader; your own physical and mental fitness and capability
  • Looking at situations you are facing in your leadership
  • A coaching approach enabling you to drive how you implement change and leading to an increased likelihood of success
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Client portal available online or on the App for ease and convenience.

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