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I help dentists, specialists and dental business leaders to hone their leadership skills and build successful teams. You'll learn how to boost your performance and inspire your staff to support you at every step.

Together, we'll achieve your goals and bring about positive changes both at work and at home.

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I have 20 years of experience in leading teams and an MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change. I develop talented leaders through a combination of 1:1 coaching, leadership programmes and team training. Here’s how I can help you.


Define your goals and get all the support you need to reach them.



Learn new leadership skills and inspire outstanding results.



Create a cohesive team who share your vision and commitment.


I found the sessions to be really helpful and supportive, but also quite challenging in terms of forcing me to reflect on my own performance and where there may be some gaps in terms of skills and the structure in which I behave in my leadership roles’.

‘The area I found most useful was the sounding board away from the work environment and the ability to sense check, talk through, discuss, agree on actions and be held accountable to those actions.

Dr Guy Deeming, Specialist Orthodontist


Lacklustre leadership delivers poor results and a high staff turnover. By motivating, inspiring and influencing your team, you'll achieve so much more.

There's a common misconception that leaders are born not made. In reality, leadership skills can be learnt, practised and improved. With the right support, every practice owner or business manager can become a compelling leader.

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How safe is the environment you are creating?

Trust & psychological safety are the foundation of any high-performing team. They are essential. These words might seem a bit ‘soft’ and like I’m suggesting that a good team is one where people are nice to each other. This is not what I mean when I talk about trust and psychological safety.


What is going on in your team?

In order to cope with the millions of thoughts, actions and sensory inputs that we receive per day our brain subconsciously deletes, distorts and generalises whole chunks of what we really experience, otherwise we cannot cope. This is absolutely necessary and required. The down side to this is that we may be totally unaware of many things that are going on. As a leader you have to develop your awareness of what is going on in your team.

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