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Are you fit to lead?

What fitness means is individual to us all. The dictionary defines it as ‘the quality of being able or suitable for a particular role or task’. So, being of the right fitness levels to be able to do all the things that you want to do in your life both now and in the future. Most leaders want to be the best and most successful leaders they can be. What physical and mental capabilities do you need in order to achieve that?

If you are not looking after yourself can you lead others effectively? Are you fit enough to do what you want both at work and at home? Are you being the best leader you can be if you are not prioritising your own fitness? What is needed for you to be a successful leader? Are you working on these behaviours? Do you have a plan for your long term health?

How can you improve your fitness to lead?

There are multiple areas to look at:

How can Fitting Leadership help?

Looking at both the mental and physical aspects in combination to increase the likelihood of sustainable change. Providing factual information and then through coaching enabling you to make changes that you want to make that will fit into your life, your goals and your values, so increasing the likelihood of actual sustainable change.

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