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The Coaching Spectrum

People see coaching in different ways.

There is a coaching spectrum where at one end you are directing and telling people what to do versus at the other end you have the purest form of coaching where the coach only asks questions and never suggests or directs.

My philosophy is more towards the coaching side of the spectrum.

There are many different coaching ‘techniques’ out there. Whilst I use some of these different techniques the most important belief I have from a coaching perspective is to be totally present, giving the client my undivided attention without any other agenda other than to help them reach the goals that they want to achieve.

What are the benefits of taking the coaching approach?

The ultimate benefit is the increased likelihood of long term sustainable change.

Why is long term sustainable change more likely with the coaching approach?

The client creates the ideas for change

The client knows themselves best and is therefore most likely to come up with the best change for them if provided with the necessary information and helped to explore the different options

The client knows what will fit into their life

The responsibility and accountability rests with the client

Will you give me advice?

Fitting Leadership will give advice and will give factual information where appropriate. That is to say where we believe it will really help you in achieving your goals and in improving your leadership performance. From this advice and information we will ask you what changes if any you want to make, how they will fit into your life and what you want to achieve.

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