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The dental environment is changing at a rapid pace with changes in NHS procurement and technology meaning that practices will have to change in line with the new challenges they are facing. Principals and business owners will need to lead their practices and businesses through significant change.

Despite these changes in NHS contracts the demand for dental services and the want for a great smile amongst the general public is higher than ever. This is set to continue to grow as social media becomes more and more prominent in daily life. So there is great opportunity!

Fitting Leadership Signature Programme


To facilitate, support and enable inspirational practice leadership that delivers results..


Creating a financially successful orthdontic business through great leadership. To inspire, motivate and influence everybody in the team to achieve outstanding results. To realise the goals and objectives of the business.

9 month programme overview

The 9 month programme is designed to take the leader and their team through a programme that creates leadership excellence and an aligned  team striving to realise the vision of the practice. It guides the leader through the different steps required, assesses and improves themselves and their leadership. It ensures they hold themselves accountable for making the changes happen as well as providing facilitation roles for team sessions to engage the team in the future of the practice, so providing excellent leadership.

Phase 1 - Self

Phase 2 - Team

Phase 3 - Vision & Alignment

Phase 4 - Execution


Leadership coaching with knowlegde of dentistry

Fitting Leadership coaching will enable the individual to improve their ability to lead their business effectively which will ultimately lead to a successful and highly profitable business. Through his training as a coach, his leadership experience and knowledge of dentistry Jamie is able to offer a unique perspective and help clients  take the right path for them.

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