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Why is leadership important?

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This is of course the critical question. Throughout the upcoming series of articles I will always refer back to this question so it is clear as to the impact of leadership but I wanted to start with a broad viewpoint.

If we come back to the definition of leadership from the last article then the question to ask is…

Are you able to achieve what you want to achieve without motivating, inspiring and influencing those around you?

In the majority of cases this will not be possible, so in the majority of cases you will not be able to achieve what you want to achieve without leadership. That said there may be the odd situation where you can achieve an objective entirely on your own. Ok….The follow up question would then be…

How much more could you achieve if you motivated, inspired and influence those around you to achieve the goal you have set out to achieve?

Or even, how much quicker could you achieve the goal you wanted to achieve if you motivated, inspired and influenced those around you to achieve the goal you set out to achieve?

Where there is minimal or no leadership then the following symptoms will be present: 

On the other hand where there is a high level of leadership the following symptoms will  be present:
















The impact of all these symptoms on the practice is highly significant and directly affects the hard measures of employee engagement, staff turnover and ultimately results.

I always think it’s good to consider leadership in this way……

You can spend time individually doing things or you can spend time leading. It comes down to numbers…..If you have a team of 20 people and you can do something that will inspire them and motivate them towards the goals of the organisation then this is going to be 20 times more impactful than doing an individual task yourself that has nothing to do with leading your team. This is very relevant when it comes to dentistry and individuals leading within dental practice. There is always the pull of being a clinician and often the argument of not having time to lead. Somehow dentists and individuals who have people under their responsibility must find time to lead, especially those who own individual or multiple practices.

Step back and honestly ask yourself what symptoms do I see?

Can you afford not to lead?

Please add your comments and thoughts on the above article and engage with the broader community.

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