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High levels of leadership or good leadership. Is there a difference?

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High levels of leadership and great leadership are often used in the same breath and to mean the same thing. Is there a difference and if so, what is the difference?

Last time we talked about the impact of leadership and I referred to the symptoms of low levels of leadership versus high levels of leadership.

I believe you can have high levels of leadership but actually it can be bad leadership because the ends to which the leadership is heading and the values that are being instilled are not benefitting the employees/members of the group or for the broader environment/customers.This is where it becomes difficult because who decides what is right and wrong? You only have to look at Donald Trump for a classic example. Many people would say he is a terrible leader. Yet if we look to the definition of leadership in terms of the Republican Party you could argue that he has shown high levels of leadership to his followers.

‘Leadership is the ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the organisations of which they are members’

Since becoming President he appears to be showing low levels of leadership in terms of his ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the USA. Many would argue that he is showing bad leadership in terms of the end to which he is leading the organisation both at a Republican level but also at a USA level.

If we bring that back down to dentistry then I think this is very relevant as you have an immediate impact on and responsibility for people’s health. It is clear there is a real need to have high levels of leadership and good leadership.

What is good?

In the UK you have the CQC process which is the key regulatory process involving inspections from relevant members of the CQC. Without this the practice cannot continue to operate. They actually state that there are 5 lines of enquiry that they will make and one of those is:

‘Is the practice well lead?’

The CQC state that during their 2017/18 inspections most breaches of the regulations are under the well-led key question. 10% resulted in either requirement or enforcement action.They then go on to define what is good and what they want to see:

  1. assures high-quality care

  2. supports learning and innovation

  3. promotes an open and fair culture

So they are actually defining part of the good or bad piece and consider the level of leadership to this end as critically important.

What you all consider as good is very much down to you. This is where it then comes down to understanding your own values, vision and goals.

Perhaps a better question to ask is am I misleading or leading?

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